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Our Mission

We are living in uncertain times. The entire financial lanscape has shifted due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our personal and professional lives. Many organisations are understandable focused on the immediate crisis, taking action to look after their prople and customers.

At Capstone we are doing all we can to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the island of Ireland so they can continue to deliver important services for their customers, and help prepare for a post Covid 19 future. We are here to help you transform, future-proof or grow your business through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Our experienced management and business consultants will provide guidence for continuity plans and strategy, identifying points of vulnerability throughout the business, offering advise on aesthetics, interaction with customers, point of sales, USPs and much more. We will also assist with assessing their eligibility for government and other programs to offset the financial effects of the virus.

For a FREE initial consultation to see how we can help you, please call us on 028 3774 7082 or complete the form below.

Businesses we support include:







Reset & Restart Your Business With Capstone Bounce Back Solutions